Scarf Fringe in Singapore Grey
Scarf Fringe in Singapore Grey


An elegant batik scarf with hand-knotted fringe on both ends. Identical to our original scarf but with the fringe. Wear it around your neck, as a top, at the waist, or as a headscarf to elevate any look. An accessory that is made from the highest quality satin- viscose.

  • 160cm x 35cm (hand-knotted fringe finishing)
  • Made by Indonesian artisans using traditional batik techniques
  • Grey colour-dye recipes handed down from generation to generation

Additional information

Weight0,22 kg
Dimensions14 × 20 × 3,5 cm
Silk Scarf with Fringe in Elegant Singapore Grey Indonesian Batik Classic Gift
the Iconic Piece
Reinterpretation of Singapore floral Batik adorned in the richness of exotic flowers and leaves
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